A better approach to tire pressure monitoring

The ATPS system (patented) operates by combining magnets and air pressure that can be converted to an in-dash readout showing air pressure for each tire.

What is the ATPS system?

Advanced Tire Pressure Systems, Inc. is currently accepting licensing agreements for the I.P. to manufacture the ATPS system. We welcome inquiries from manufacturers, joint ventures and other interested parties to further discuss this technology. Just fill out the form to the right to get started.


The ATPS System

ATPS is more accurate, more reliable, environmentally friendly, and costs less than current systems

  • Lower Cost

    Eliminates the need for an RF pickup box and sensor batteries, reducing overall cost significantly.

  • Lighter

    With less overall components, the ATPS system offers significant weight savings over current systems.

  • Less Complex

    The fixed positioning of the pickup position inside the vehicle means there is no need for system recalibration.

Far superior to current TPMS solutions in use

By using a less complex, more accuracy focused approach, the ATPS system solves an array of issues associated with current systems

Main issues with current tire pressure monitoring systems

  • False Readings

  • Battery Disposal

  • Higher Replacement Cost

How does ATPS solve these problems?

  • Improved Accuracy

    Always measures actual air mass pressure. The device automatically adjusts to all temperature fluctuations.

  • More Reliable

    No false alarms, unnecessary warranty servicing, or innaccurate readings due to temperature fluctuations.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Does not use RF signals or batteries, eliminating the need for sensor replacement.

standard tpms system diagram


The ATPS system uses available technology that has been combined to produce a simplified TPMS system that is more reliable, more accurate and costs considerably less than current TPMS used in vehicles today.


  • The ATPS system has a module located in each tire that functions in a manner that is unique from current TPMS systems.
  • The ATPS system does not use RF signals or batteries.
  • Military advantages include Radio Silence, and immunity to EMP events and RFI.
  • The ATPS system always measures cold tire pressure. (Current system electronically adjust for temperature flucutations)
  • The ATPS system uses less components and is less complex. (Two primary components and mounting hardware)

A side-by-side comparison

Current Systems


approx. cost
per vehicle


approx. weight
per vehicle
  • Accepted system used worldwide
  • Creates RF noise
  • 10 year battery life
  • High replacement cost
  • Lithium ion battery disposal issues
  • System must be recalibrated
  • More components
  • Wireless system using RF signals
  • Intermittent malfunctioning issues and accuracy

┬╣ The ATPS Tire Pressure Monitoring System is in compliance with the NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems as outlined in section IV of 49 CFR Part 571 [Docket No. NHTSA 2000-8572], RIN 2127-AI33. The ATPS system meets the specifications of this Standard for both direct and indirect systems without using an RF signals. This standard is available on line.

Perfomance and Accuracy Data

Awards and Recognition

  • 1st Place Award, NASA Tech Briefs

    Transportation Category
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  • Finalist, Society of Automotive Engineers

    MIT Competition
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